academie: Hoobah, Isenfir! Hoobah, Etain!

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Sun Apr 8 20:37:19 PDT 2001

Good, I get to be the first to say it:

The presentation piece for Coronation, Mary-Grace's Rose, was wonderful.  
Hoobah, Isenfir! :) The music was great, the choreography was great, and the 
execution was great.  I'd single people out for compliment, but I'd be 
afraid to inadvertantly leave someone out.  Bryan, choreographer-dude, could 
you please do the honors and let the Academie know who did what?  :)

Also, Etain did a splendid job running the ball.  In spite of things 
happening late (10 pm start), and in spite of some last-minute complications 
(few Ladies of the Rose present when Her Majesty was ready and the need to 
teach an 11th hour crash-course in "Ballo del Fiore" before the Ball could 
begin), the Ball came off smoothly.  Hoobah, Etain! :)

For those who couldn't attend, we *did* get a late start (tourney and court 
and feast all ran over, whoda thunk?) and it was a really long day anyway, 
so we cut a couple of dances out of each of the first two sets to give the 
band a break.  The band (Anne, Allasondrea, Corun, and another Lady whose 
name I did not get) came through splendedly, but the length of the day, plus 
the last minute wait, had taken its toll.  The third set was done to 
recorded music, and what we did was based on what we had not yet done, and 
the number and experience level of the remaining dancers.  The ball was a 

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