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Fri Apr 6 12:13:22 PDT 2001

I believe james has a great point here!!!

I know vard you asked for input a while ago but how about some nonperiod 
dances that are part of SCA history, and the history of the kingdom... yes  
alot of people's first dance has been hole in the wall. and would enjoy 
doing it at 20Y

since we are not celebrating 20 years since the end of peroid but 20 yeras 
of playing in the SCA, I know how much this kingdom has changed since I 
started playing .. I'm sure how dance is done will change even more in the 
next 20 years too.. sohow baout including those good but out of period 
dances that people enjoy. yes they should be stated that tehyare out of 

just my 2 cents


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>To: academie at, scavard at
>Subject: Re: academie: 20YC Dance List
>Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 13:01:39 -0400
>ok, I'll ask this question here instead of the 20year site as it will,
>probably, end up here anyway..
>Even though I have a cool arrangement of "Pastime with Good Company" in 
>the theme from Hogan's Heroes appears prominantly here's my question:
>How is "Leave it to Beaver" any more period that "Hole-in-the-Wall."  If 
>because the dance is period, just not the music, does that mean I can find 
>period tune that "Hole..." can be danced to we can do it because, then,
>it will only have one weirdness?
>Actually, I'd have to say that "Korbushka" is more period than "Leave it to
>Beaver."  If you're going to exclude dances from SCA History due to
>non-periodness and then play these games it's not going to advance the
>Academie's goal of showing that period dance can be as fun as the 
>More questions to follow later...
> > Dance Games and Competitions:
> > Galliard-till-you-Drop, Jenny Pluck Partners, Bransle du Castor, Tassel 
> > Regarding the games and competitions....
> >
> > Bransle du Castor (the "Leave it to Beaver" Bransle):  Have you ever 
> > that Horse's Bransle and the theme to "Leave it to Beaver" have the same
> > time signature?  Well, *I* have, and there are other combos too.  We'll 
> > with the band to see what clever combos we can come up with.
> >
> > Galliard-till-you-Drop:  A competition for as many as will.  We start
> > slowly, and have the band continue speeding up until the last dancer
> > explodes.  A prize for the last dancer standing, and for a dancer of the
> > audiences' choice for best form, most impressive collapse, whatever they 
> > fit.
> >
> > Jenny Pluck Partners: A "musical chairs" dance for several couples, 
> > based on Jenny Pluck Pears.  When the ladies are placed in the center 
> > the lord begin running around, one lady slips inside the inner circle 
> > hides.  The musicians stop, and all of the lord try to find a partner.  
> > lord will fail, and will leave the dance.  The dance resumes, and when 
> > lord are placed in the center, the "hiding" lady exits and joins the 
> > circle.  The musicians stop again, and the ladies now try to find a 
> > One lady will fail, and will leave.  Dance repeats until we have a 
> > couple.
> >
> > Tassel Kick:  Who can kick the highest?  Simple, eh?
> >
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