academie: 20YC Dance List

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Apr 5 19:33:27 PDT 2001

Okay gang, here's the list....

14th Century Inns of Court:
Black Almain, Earl of Salisbury Pavanne, Madam Sosilia Almain

15th Century Italian Balli:
Amoroso, Anello, Lauro, Gelosia, Petit Vriens, Rostiboli Gioiosio

16th Century French Bransles:
Bransle L'Official (Official's), Mixed Bransle Suite (Cassandra / Pinagay / 
Charlotte), Mimed Bransle Suite (Washerwoman's / Pease / Horse's)

16th Century Italian Balli:
Ballo del Fiore, Il Canario, Il Piantone (The Pinwheel), Lo Spagnoletto

17th Century English Country Dances:
Boatman, Chestnut, Gathering Peascods, Grimstock, Heart's Ease, Jenny Pluck 
Pears, Old Mole, Parson's Farewell, Rufty Tufty, Sellenger's Round, 

Dance Games and Competitions:
Galliard-till-you-Drop, Jenny Pluck Partners, Bransle du Castor, Tassel Kick

All of these are soon to be published to the 20YC website.  If there are any 
gross errors (like if I've got Rostiboli listed as an ECD), lemme know right 
away, please! :)

Regarding the games and competitions....

Bransle du Castor (the "Leave it to Beaver" Bransle):  Have you ever noticed 
that Horse's Bransle and the theme to "Leave it to Beaver" have the same 
time signature?  Well, *I* have, and there are other combos too.  We'll work 
with the band to see what clever combos we can come up with.

Galliard-till-you-Drop:  A competition for as many as will.  We start 
slowly, and have the band continue speeding up until the last dancer 
explodes.  A prize for the last dancer standing, and for a dancer of the 
audiences' choice for best form, most impressive collapse, whatever they see 

Jenny Pluck Partners: A "musical chairs" dance for several couples, loosely 
based on Jenny Pluck Pears.  When the ladies are placed in the center and 
the lord begin running around, one lady slips inside the inner circle and 
hides.  The musicians stop, and all of the lord try to find a partner.  One 
lord will fail, and will leave the dance.  The dance resumes, and when the 
lord are placed in the center, the "hiding" lady exits and joins the running 
circle.  The musicians stop again, and the ladies now try to find a partner. 
  One lady will fail, and will leave.  Dance repeats until we have a winning 

Tassel Kick:  Who can kick the highest?  Simple, eh?
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