academie: Thanks for your inputs!

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Apr 5 10:32:21 PDT 2001

Okay, time's up!  Thanks for all of the inputs for the 20YC Ball set list.  
I will try to compile everything tonight (after I get the 20YC website 
updated -- LOTS of work to do there, lemme tell ya!), get it fired off to 
Zoe (with apologies for missing the 4/1 deadline), and send a copy to the 

I'll probably post it to the 20YC website as well, so if you don't hear from 
me directly (heh, like THAT'S a possibility <vbg>) you can always peek over 

Also, so as not have to send a separate email, I am looking for inputs for 
the Spring issue of =The Muse=.  It will be published in the next couple of 
weeks, and could use some stuff from y'all.  Just a paragraph or two on a 
dance or music-related topic of your choosing would be fine, I can wrap the 
newsletter around almost anything you throw my way.  Suggested topics might 
include a synopsis of a class you've taken or taught recently, an 
interesting new dance you've learned, a brand new dance you might be 
choreographing "in the style of" something period, a new 
book/tape/website/other that you've come across, or maybe a humorous 
dance-related Top Ten list (a la David Letterman).

What you write does *not* have to be Oak-worthy by any stretch of the 
imagination.  But if you are interested in giving writing a try, our 
newsletter is a really good place to start.

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