academie: FS: The Vard Ark

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Apr 5 08:47:48 PDT 2001

I am likely to be getting a new car shortly and am probably going to be 
trading in my '95 Grand Prix (aka "The Vard Ark") unless someone else might 
want it.

It just rolled over 100K miles this week (it's amazing how they pile-up when 
you're in the least they're all highway miles) is in great 
shape and has got just about every bell and whistle available. 
prices it out at just over $5300, but if I trade it in, I'm guessing I'll 
probably get about $1K less due to the mileage.  That'll give you a ballpark 
for what I'm looking for out of it.

If anyone may be interested, pls let me know.  If not, no big deal.  :)

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