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Debbie Halstead jebbydo at
Tue Apr 3 22:21:22 PDT 2001

I'll drop in one other note -- the original message
was sent out to the Atlantian Seneschals. In my
opinion, as these manuals (watever they may turn out
to be) are earmarked for the individual groups, the
group seneschals are the ones responsible
disseminating the information more than Corwyn. I
immediately forwarded it along to Bryan as soon as I
received it. Ironically, as a shire, it scarcely
concerns us.

> > Subject: Re: Dance Manuals
> >
> > >I find it rather curious that the Kingdom
> Seneschal would put this out
> and
> > >not bother to let members of the Kingdom's Dance
> Guild know about it.
> > >
> > >-Vard
> >
> > Why?
> >-Corwyn


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