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Mon Apr 2 10:56:15 PDT 2001

     The Atlantian Academie of Danse is pleased to announce that this Sunday, April 8, it will host a FREE seminar on 15th century Italian dance.  This seminar will cover, in a great deal of depth, the sources, the culture, the theory, and the step and choreography reconstructions of the dance tradition of 15th century Italy.  This will consist of both theory and practicum, so participants should attend dressed in clothing and shoes that allow for comfortable movement (the best way to learn a Period style of dance is to dress in that period, or at least period style, of clothing, bu5t this not a requirement).
     The seminar will take place in Charlottesville, a mere 45 minute drive from the site of Coronation and will begin at noon, continuing until the participants or the instructors collapse from exhaustion, whichever happens first (chances are the former, knowing the instructors as I do. ;)
     This is open to ANYONE who wants to learn about this subject.  AN RSVP from interested participants would be nice, but not necessary.  So y'all come on down for some culture (both with a big and litte "c")!

Your Servant,
Judith de Northumbria

p.s.Directions to follow.

p.p.s.Please forward this announcement to any local lists or potentially interested parties.

p.p.p.s.Did I mention that it is FREE? ;)

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