academie: 20YC Feast Alternative

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Mar 29 22:07:10 PST 2001

I have a proposal for those who will be coming to 20YC but who will not be 
taking feast.  Why not do our own pot-luck, and use the extra couple of 
hours to dance?  Reminder, they're going to try to feed 600 people.  Feast 
will be loooooooooong!

If you're keen on sitting for 3 hours for an allotment of 2 undercooked 
raviolis, a puddle of "mystery goo" consisting of cream cheese, coriander, 
cloves, and cilantro, and a slice of perfectly good pork/beef/chicken that 
has been fouled by being marinated in something resembling medieval motor 
oil, then ignore this post.  But, if you'd rather EAT, get it over with, and 
spend some quality time dancing, please let me know.  Personally, I am 
planning to either "BYO" my dinner, go offsite to the Southridge Restaurant 
and get some of their yummy Crab au Grautin, or zip up to Chez Vard and have 
dinner there.

SCA Feast Burn-out
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