academie: Dancing in Augusta, Ga

Gerry Baygents rampantdragon at
Wed Mar 28 16:25:17 PST 2001

> Is there anyone down near Augusta who's interested in helping
> this fellow?

<Raises a tentative hand>

I *might* be able to.  Extra emphasis on the word "might."  My schedule
for the next month or so looks horrible, and I don't really have a
weekend off.  The best that I can do (right now) is something around
Easter weekend (April 13).  If I can turn this into an excuse to visit
my dad in Thomson, GA, even better.  So, Larry, if you're watching, let
me know what sort of schedule you're on, and perhaps we can work
something out.

Now, for the rest of you.  Is there one dance that you think "looks"
more medieval than another?  I only ask because I hate Official
Bransle.  If this is the best choice (for looks and ease of teaching),
I'll do it, but I want to consider other possibilities.

(mka Gerry Baygents)
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