academie: Seminar after Coronation

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Mon Mar 26 11:16:22 PST 2001

Well, on the great strength of 1 yes, 1 probable, 1 no, 2 teacher
candidates, and 33 "no comments", let's try a day-long seminar on 15th
century dance at my house in Charlottesville the day after
Coronation. It's about 45 minutes from the site, and anyone who likes
can crash at my house Friday or Saturday night.

If you'd like to help teach, give a yell, otherwise also let me know
that you're coming. And if you have a copy of Joy and Jealousy or
Smith or Sparti's book on 15c dancing, please bring it. Or any other
resources you think are useful.

We'll also film some for the video. I hope to have a lot of incidental

-- greg

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