academie: 20YC Reservations

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Sun Mar 25 11:34:02 PST 2001


The following note was passed to me from the 20YC Autocrat.  Please pass it 
along to your local groups.  Thanks!

Encourage those you know to get reservations in this month.  It is sad
but true, that a lot of "non-profit" bank accounts, like the one we're
using, have a limit of the number of checks that can be deposited in a
month before having a service charge for each check.  The more we can
get done in March (and then in April) and off-load the volume from May
and June, the more service charges we can avoid.  Doing this well we
could save the event budget upwards of $80. Not huge money, but every
bit helps - we'd rather see any profit go to our groups and the kingdom,
than the bank!
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