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Sun Mar 25 09:56:55 PST 2001

To anyone interested in learning the dances for the Coronation Ball, and 
especially Ballo del Fiori, pray attend.

There will be a dance practice Monday, March 26, in the Barony of Storvik 
(College Park, MD), from 7-9pm. That's the same time as their fighter 
practice, in the same place. I'll be teaching the opening dance, the first 
set, and other dances from the set list. 

Come out, have fun, do 16th century Italian dances to the beat of heavy 
fighting! If you have questions, e-mail me: <A HREF="mailto:scaetain at">Lady Etain</A>

Here's how to get to the site, the Episcopal Church in College Park, MD. 

Directions: Take your best route to the Washington Beltway (I-495). Take the 
exit 25 (Rt. 1) South. Follow RT 1 South. 

Just after the Maryland Book Exchange on the left, take a left onto College 

Proceed two blocks. The Church is on the left. The practice is in the hall up 
the metal steps. 

Come up, get a parking permit. 

Lady Etain
Coronation Ball Coordinator

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