academie: Minor practical question

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Mar 22 08:43:59 PST 2001


I will be teaching Ballo del Fiori at our local practice tonight, and I wanted
to clarify a minor point.  I believe the final consensus was that we'd be
dancing with flowers, not candles, at Coronation.  To that end, exactly how are
the flowers going to be handled?  With the first man having all the flowers and
then splitting them with his partner when they part, and thus repeated with each
departure, subdividing until everyone has a flower?  Or some other way involving
people only having one flower and passing it along?

Not a major technical issue, but I want to try to teach it the way it'll be done
at Coronation for the sake of familiarity.

And on the same note, does Il Ballarino (which I don't have available to me at
the moment) contain information on how to handle flowers?  I know there's a
little bit in Nobilta di Dame, but that Ballo del Fiori is obviously a slightly
different version than what we're doing.



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