academie: 2 coronation things

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Mon Mar 19 20:11:19 PST 2001

We sat around at rehearsal today, and I think flowers are in and
candles are out. The basic problem is that we're likely to get told at
the last minute, "well, yeah, we said candles were OK, but there's
this no open flame policy", at which point it'll be too late to buy
flowers. So...

You folks are welcome to crash at my house Friday or Saturday night.
It is about 45 minutes from the site, to the west.

We could even do our first day-long seminar that Sunday. If we did,
who would show up? It's conveniently nearby a place most of us will be
anyway, but maybe folks will be tired and just want to go home. So
let's see a show of hands...

-- Gregory Blount

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