academie: To Make Candle Holders

Oxford, David dmo at
Mon Mar 19 10:09:15 PST 2001

Not meaning to snuff the enthusiasm for candles and holders, but this thought
occurred to me...

If I'm not mistaken, Ballo del Fiori is a dance that is not precisely in the
widest practice in Atlantia, so a large number of people will possibly be
dancing it "for real" for the first time.  It IS a very simple dance, but it's
slow enough that you do have to keep thinking about what's coming next and what
to do.  And simple for most of us isn't necessarily as simple for the
much-less-experienced.  It seems possible to me that candles would maybe not be
as good as flowers for the simple reason that when you're dancing around with
flame, you tend to focus a certain amount of your attention on the candle
(trying not to drip, burn yourself or others, staring trance-like into the flame
trying to suppress the twisted urge to burn someone's house down, etc), which is
attention drawn away from the dancing.  This might be one thing too many for
some of the poor souls out there.  Probably not most, but maybe some.

I think the candles will be much prettier and nicer, and am all for them, but I
just wondered if anyone had thought about the issue of paying attention to the
candle as well as the dance.  I'm not sure if it would be a problem or not, but
thought I'd mention it. 


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