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This is a very cool idea. We only have 2 weeks, though... I'm not sure I can 
drink that much soda :) Yes, I'd love to see pictures. 

Does anyone want to volunteer to help on this? 


Ursula von Bremen wrote:
<<To make some nice quick/cheap candle holders, all you need is: 

*  one 16-oz plastic soda bottle for each holder - keep the caps on! 
*  black spray paint 
*  some modeling clay 
*  strong sharp scissors 
*  newspapers, paper bags, plastic sheeting or similar 

I made a bunch of these and used them at our household dance practices and at 
the dance at the tourney of Ymir in Windmasters' Hill without mishap.  If 
you're worried about dripping wax melting the plastic, you can put a small 
amount of water into each holder using a small pitcher.  They look great, 
they're very light and cheap.  If you break one, you can make a new one in 
minutes.  You can find lots of bottles in recycling bins. 

1)  Leave the caps on the bottles! 
2)  Use the best way you can devise to remove the bottoms of the bottles 
without stabbing yourself. 
3)  Trim the bottle so that you end up with something that looks like a 
funnel that with a one-inch rim: 

|               | 
 \             / 
   \         / 

4)  Optional:  I cut a pattern into mine so that it looks like it's tiped 
with 3 fleur de lys - I took the idea from a picture of a Spanish wrought 
iron candleabra.  I drew the pattern onto the bottles with a permanent 
marker.  This can be a chore, but if you have several people working on this, 
it's not so bad. 

5)  Place the holders cap-side-up on your paper or plastic sheeting in a WELL 
VENTILATED area, and spray paint the outside surface of the bottles including 
the caps.  Do not paint the inside of the bottles.  Resist the temptation to 
glop a bunch of paint on in one go.  Do one good coat and let it dry for 
about an hour, then add one more coat and let dry. 

6)  Put a small bit of modeling clay into the socket of each holder - this 
will keep the candle from wobbling around. 

I can email a photo of a finished candle holder on request. 

Ursula von Bremen 
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