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Sun Mar 18 22:25:16 PST 2001

Greetings, all.

I will look into holding the all-dance event at the Student Union at UNC 
Chapel Hill, the site of this Winter's Unevent, and several Universities.  
The Union has a Great hall with a wooden dance floor and several classrooms.  
There are many local eateries within walking distance for most.  We could get 
the local groups to provide a small buffet just outside the dance hall.  I'd 
make sure that we have lighting and décor to create good ambience.

Before I ask about availability and check with the local canton, when is this 
thing supposed to happen?  Have dates been discussed yet?

The challenge would be to find musicians.  Anyone willing to volunteer to 
round up a group of willing musicians?  ::::she gives James a poke in the 
ribs:::: Anyone? :::poke poke ::::

Ursula von Bremen
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