academie: Ballo del Fiori at coronation

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Fri Mar 16 18:56:06 PST 2001

>From Brenna, the autocrat:

Etain asks:
 I noticed the no open flame policy. Does this mean we should not plan to 
use candles for Ballo del Fiore (Our presentation dance)? We can use flowers, 
but I'll need to know so I can have someone get them. Or are candles okay if 
we have cups to prevent wax from spilling? 

 Brenna replies: I specifically asked about that after I got the supplemental 
info.  We are fine as long as we clean up any spilled wax.  So fiol or cups 
would be good!!
So, now we need to worry about getting candles, not flowers... Anyone happen 
to have a few hundred candles? Or know of a cheap source? 


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