academie: Another educational idea

Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Mar 16 14:31:54 PST 2001

>> I like the idea also.  a small official event.  we need to be sure
>> not to conflict with another event where dancing is planned.

Of course. :)

>> the dance symposium schedule would be one way to arrange it, i.e.
>> one all-day track, eat out, then a ball in the evening.  another
>> would be to have a large room reserved all day at a fighting
>> event, where we could do our thing, join the rest for feast, and
>> influence/control the dancing afterward.  this would alleviate
>> calendar problems.

It would alleviate calendar problems, but I personally am in favor of doing such
a workshop completely as our own stand-alone activity/event (rather than at some
other event), freeing us from other distractions and anyone's whims and
schedules except our own.  As fighting season gears up, we should have a number
of weekends where there are only tourney/feast type events (you know, the kind
where they say there might be dancing, but there never is, or if there is it's
really bad belly-dancing :), and we could easily conflict with something like

We'd just need a site with one decent-sized dance room.  We could start in the
morning and go for a couple hours, get lunch together, work through the
afternoon, get dinner together, and maybe dance some more in the evening if we
want to, or just socialize (or those who needed to travel could take off).

>> would this be our fall event or in addition to it?

Definitely "in addition".  We still need a larger, broader-based dance-only
event this fall, but this would be a one-day workshop for those interested in
the particular topic (I strongly vote for 16th C. Italian workshop for the first
one!), and I'd recommend doing it over the summer during
Pennsic-fighting-training season. :)

Isenfir could certainly host something like this, or if someone else (preferably
reasonably central) wants to do it, great!


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