academie: Another educational idea

Judithsca at Judithsca at
Fri Mar 16 12:36:35 PST 2001

<<How abotu a gild meeting, where the majority of people on this list get 
togeather and dance on one topic or another, that is posted ahead of time. 
that way all of us can research it before hand. and learn togeather. I know 
of a lot of households, and gild that do this to produce things for the 

Actually, that is a really good idea...Guilds have meetings at specific events sometimes.  In fact (and thank you for giving me the idea Marion), at Night on the Piazza, in Lochmere, I am going to be running the dancing and teh evening ball.  Since this is a period specific event, set in 1560 Italy, this would be the perfect place to hold a guild-meeting/workshop on the southern genre of dnce (that being Italian).  Anyone interested? 


p.s.Even if we decide not to do the workshop thing at this event, I woudl still encourage all academie members to attend...The dancing should be quite a lot of fun, not to mention that Lochmere is well known for its tastey feasts (I have always thought so, anyway)...:)

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