academie: Another educational idea

Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Mar 16 11:37:16 PST 2001

>> > What would people think of the idea of holding day-long
>> > (Saturday) in-depth workshops on very specific areas of dance
>> I certainly like the idea.  Would it be a full out, SCA 
>> sponsored event, in garb, with social dancing after the workshop
>> to put into practice what has been taught, or would it be a more
>> academic affair?

It could be either.  I'd personally opt for at least making it an "official"
event, that way it gets broad advertising coverage via the Acorn, and in garb
would probably be good since, if you're trying to get the aesthetic right as
well as just the steps, the clothes and accoutrements go along with the rest of

>> My concern is that you could not get enough people to make
>> the trip for a workshop that focused completely on one type
>> of event

I'm not envisioning a huge event by any stretch.  Like I said, it would be more
of a workshop than a true "event", anyway.  If it's just ten or fifteen people,
that makes the whole teaching process even easier. :)  A nice little intimate
gathering of people who really want to hone their skills.  But this way there
are no other distractions, nothing to interfere, just time and space to work on
bettering a dance form.  And it would be especially useful for people like me
who can then turn around and redistribute what was learned at a local practice
for those who might want to improve themselves but couldn't necessarily make it
to such a workshop.


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