academie: Another educational idea

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Mar 16 11:22:23 PST 2001

>From Judith:
----Original Message Follows----
<<What would people think of the idea of holding day-long (Saturday) 
in-depth workshops on very specific areas of dance, to help the many of us 
out there who lack the depth we'd like in some of the less-common (in 
Atlantia, at least) areas of dance.>>

I certainly like the idea.  Would it be a full out, SCA sponsored event, in 
garb, with social dancing after the workshop to put into practice what has 
been taught, or would it be a more academic affair?  My concern, of course, 
is that you could not get enough people to make the trip for a workshop that 
focused completely on one type of event (certainly not a problem for me, of 
course! :)  anyone else have any opinion about this idea?


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