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Fri Mar 16 11:09:00 PST 2001

<<I am definitely in favor of this, particularly on the study of dance
 *technique*. It would be nice to spend an entire day focusing on one area,
 to really improve skills. I'd like to actually spend some time learning to
 dance the technique from people who truly know what they're doing, as
 opposed to just learning this dance and that dance with only cursory info on
 how you hold your arms, and place your feet, and interact (or not) with your

Oh, that means I would actually get to apply all of the research I have done over the past several years, and share it with other people!!!!  The reason I try not to focus much on technique in my classes (15th and 16thc. Italians) is because I usually have such a short amount of time in which to teach, and also because I always doubt that (in most of the SCA, anyway) people are just going to want to learn the dances, and not the intricacies of the dance.   And my main goal (so fare) has just been tpo entice people into dancing these "differet" italian things; I have not wanted to intimidate anyone with what can already come across as an intimidating dance form (compared to mind-numbing ECDs).
   That is why I wanted to do a weeknd symposium...To give more time for more cool, more specialized classes like that so that I can cater to both crowds (thoe who want to know, and thoe who are struggling with the little bit they already know).


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