academie: Another educational idea

Christine Lindamood moondans at
Fri Mar 16 10:57:18 PST 2001

> As long as we're on an educational bent...
> What would people think of the idea of holding day-long (Saturday)
> workshops on very specific areas of dance, to help the many of us out
there who
> lack the depth we'd like in some of the less-common (in Atlantia, at
> areas of dance.

I am definitely in favor of this, particularly on the study of dance
*technique*. It would be nice to spend an entire day focusing on one area,
to really improve skills. I'd like to actually spend some time learning to
dance the technique from people who truly know what they're doing, as
opposed to just learning this dance and that dance with only cursory info on
how you hold your arms, and place your feet, and interact (or not) with your

Cairistiona / Christine

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