academie: Atlantian Dance Symposium

Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Mar 16 09:28:00 PST 2001

>> what would the Academie say 
>> to having it be a bi-annual affair instead of an annual?  
>> And what about making it the whole weekend

I think it would be a wonderful idea!  Some logistical issues to consider, but a
wonderful idea.

Isenfir is already highly enthusiastic about doing another, larger dance
symposium, and I'm scouting out some sites that would support a larger,
weekend-long event.  We're considering sometime next spring (April-ish, 2002).
Another one this fall somewhere else would be marvelous!  (Not that we want to
squelch other groups doing symposia, but it's hard to quell the enthusiasm
around here sometimes :) ... our last Populace meeting had people calling for
Isenfir to host the 2003 KWDS!  Fortunately that seems to have gotten reasoned
out of people ... for now :)


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