academie: Re: University Class Listing

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Mar 15 14:58:04 PST 2001

>...Students will also join members of the Atlantian Dance Academie in a 
>discussion of the pros/cons of out-of-period dance within Atlantia and the 

I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention.  This is the part of the 
class on Period Dance Sources where we hope to get the students involved in 
a hands-on manner.  The intent is not to beat people over the heads with 
copies of Orchesographie or make them feel bad because their favorite dance 
is post-1600, but to honestly and openly discuss the role of OOP dance 
within the SCA.

I also wanted to emphasize that the word I chose for the class description 
was "discussion", not "debate".  <grin>  I am hoping that some of our 
membership will be able to attend this class and participate in the 

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