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Thu Mar 15 11:34:18 PST 2001

Unto Lord Richard Ffaukes, Chancellor of the University of Atlantia, does 
Herr Edvard Gayer, Secretary of L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse, send his 
warmest greetings!


The Atlantian Dance Academie is happy to forward to you the following class 
descriptions for the June session of University, to be held in the Shire of 
Bordervale Keep.  June marks the first anniversary of dance tracks offered 
by the Academie, and is also our fourth consecutive University.  We look 
forward to continuing this mutually-beneficial relationship well into our 
forseeable futures.  :)

As with previous Universities, the Academie has tried to lay-out the classes 
in a manner which fits not only our instructors personal needs, but which 
also makes sense from the student's perspective.  We would *very* much like 
to have our classes appear in the course catalog in the same order in which 
they are shown below.

Please note that although we normally try to limit ourself to offering six 
classes, this time around we are offering seven.  This is partially because 
of the location of this particular University and the distance that some of 
our instructors are covering to be there, and partially due to the fact that 
in addition to our normal European dance classes, we are introducing two new 
Middle-Eastern dance classes to our repertoire.  As a result, we will need 
an additional room during 3rd hour.  I hope this does not present a 

If for any reason you find that you have extra space and might entertain the 
notion of additional parallel dance classes, please contact me immediately.  
We will have plenty of instructors on site who would likely be pleased to 
offer a second or third class.

Thank you for your kind patience and your attention to detail.  If you have 
any questions or need to contact me regarding these classes for any reason, 
I am at your disposal.

Respectfully Yours,
// Vard //

Herr Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

----- Class Listings Follow -----

1st Hour
Class 1: Period Dancing and Dance Sources
Edvard Gayer (Ken Buzzard)

Students will learn how to distinguish period from non-period dance, and 
will be introduced to the actual period sources which are commonly used 
within the SCA to document dance.  Students will also join members of the 
Atlantian Dance Academie in a discussion of the pros/cons of out-of-period 
dance within Atlantia and the SCA.


2nd Hour
Class 2: Medieval Peasant Dances
Judith de Northumbria (Rachael Lorenz)

This class is geared towards those who just like to dance. No choreographies 
to remember. No rules (except that Thou Shalt Not Hurt Others). Just lots of 
fun. Come and try something new!


3rd Hour
Class 3a: Introduction to Middle-Eastern Dance
Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ixbilyi (Miriam Gould Robinson)

This course is a beginner's class, exploring the foundation movements of 
Middle-eastern dance.


3rd Hour
Class 3b: 15th Century Italian Dance
Marion le Red (Marion Wright)

Students will be introduced to several simple steps unique to 15th Century 
Italian dance, and will learn dances such s "Gelosia", "Anello" and that 
crowd-favorite "Petit Vriens".  Beginners welcome.


4th Hour
Class 4: History of Middle-Eastern Dance 101
Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ixbilyi (Miriam Robinson Gould)

This course is a lecture course exploring what is known--and what is 
not--about Middle-eastern dance.  Is veil period?  How does 'raqs sharqi' 
become translated as bellydance?  Learn answers to these questions and many 


5th Hour
Class 5: Bransling Tactics/Miming Bransles
Constanza de Tallavera (Sharon Buczko)

Bransles are the simplest of the known renaissance dances.  Miming bransles 
are easy to learn, and introduce the more common bransle steps with a bit of 
interplay between the partners using steps unique to each dance, which makes 
for a fun set of dances.  Beginners welcome.


6th Hour
Class 6: Beginning English Country Dancing
Victoria Pringle (Trishka Hornbeck)

Students will learn the basic figures of English Country Dance, and will 
learn how to combine them into commonly done dances such as Rufty-Tufty, 
Gathering Peascods, and others.  No experience necessary.
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