academie: coronation logistics

Stephen Kiefert lanhamlaw at
Mon Mar 12 14:02:51 PST 2001

I spoke with the autocrat at last night's barony meting.

the hall holds 250 so we would need a decent sound system for
times without musicians.  who has the loudest portable setup?  the
brochure says there is sound there but it may not play CDs.

last court is at 11 with lunch after and first court at 530.  hall
needs to be cleared and set up for feast before court.  looks like
3 - 4 hours available for practice in afternoon while fighting and
archery are happening - how much do we want to schedule?  need to
decide soon enough to put in printed schedule.

dancing is the only scheduled activity on Friday evening so we
will have all the early arrivals to ourselves unless a bardic
circle breaks out - are any members planning on being there then?

are we using candles or flowers for ballo del fiore?  who is
bringing them? - not in her budget

we can dance as long as we want basically, 12 or 1

80+ of 150 cabin spaces reserved so far

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