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Mon Mar 12 13:58:10 PST 2001

You are invited to a Coronation/Ladies of the Rose Ball dance practice, to be 
held March 19th, in conjunction with the Storvik fighter practice. I will be 
teaching Ballo del Fiori, the presentation dance, as well as some of the 
others from the dance list. 

Please RSVP me <A HREF="mailto:scaetain at">Lady Etain</A> if you think you will be there.

There will also be dance practices on-site Friday night and Saturday morning. 
If you cannot make any of these, but still wish to learn the dance, please 
e-mail me privately and I will work something out.  

It is not necessary to bring a partner. The practice is non-garb, though you 
may wish to wear a long skirt. 

Lady Etain 
Barony of Lochmere, Atlantia
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