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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Mar 9 16:33:11 PST 2001

Sorry all, I had to spend the day at home, watching the HVAC Chirurgeonate 
do surgery on my heat pump all day today.  It got mighty cold at Chez Vard 
last night... good thing the waterbed has a setting above "boil".  :)

All of my records are at the office, here's what I've got from memory:

Lecture: Period Dance Sources (Vard)
Lecture: History of Middle-Eastern Dance (Tahira)
Practicum: Intro to ECD (Victoria)
Practicum: Medieval Peasant Dances (Judith)
Practicum: Intro to 15th Cy Italian (Marian)
Practicum: Intro to Middle-Eastern Dance (Tahira)

I have probably forgotten one, but hopefully no more than that.

Assuming that this list _is_ correct, we will want to discuss the order of 
classes.  Usually, there are 2 classes before lunch / convocation / court, 
and 4 classes after.  All of our recent post-break practicum classes have 
been very well attended, so I suggest that there's no need to mess with what 
already works.  I propose we schedule the lectures before the break... that 
make sense to everybody?

The time slots are usually 10am, 11am, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, and 4:30pm.  
Do any of our instructors have a preference for when their class should 
happen?  Are there any classes you particularly want (or do NOT want) to go 
immediately before or after?

A personal observation, it seems to make sense to me to have the two ME 
classes happen not too far apart, but probably with one practicum class 
in-between.  That way, we might have a better chance of drawing some ME 
folks into the other classes, and some non-ME folks into Tahira's classes.  
More cross-over and exposure to other styles of dance can't be a bad 
thing... at least, that's what occurs to me....your mileage may vary.


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Subject: Re: academie: Juniversity update
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 15:28:03

>Speaking of University, I will be posting something tomorrow about the
>classes we've been offered.  We will need to bring this to closure quickly,
>so those who have volunteered to teach might want to spend a bit of time 
>working up a brief description of their class, and whether they're ready to
>commit to teach.
since no one in the Academie had any objections to including Middle-eastern 
dance in our track, I would like to teach

History of Middle-Eastern Dance 101

This course is a lecture course exploring what is known--and what is 
not--about Middle-eastern dance.  Is veil period?  How does raqs sharqi 
become translated as bellydance?  Learn answers to these questions and many 

And as a companion class:

Introduction to Middle-Eastern Dance

This course is a beginner's class, exploring the foundation movements of 
Middle-eastern dance (Egyptian cabaret style).

In service,

Sayidda Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya

Be reassured: Of course God loves you, he's just not ready
to make a commitment.

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