academie: Juniversity update

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Mar 8 18:44:51 PST 2001

Speaking of University, I will be posting something tomorrow about the 
classes we've been offered.  We will need to bring this to closure quickly, 
so those who have volunteered to teach might want to spend a bit of time now 
working up a brief description of their class, and whether they're ready to 
commit to teach.

The description need not be nearly as verbose as what we've been using 
recently.  In fact, I've been asked to keep them much much shorter, so a 
couple of sentences (maybe three) should suffice.


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From: Greg Lindahl <lindahl at>
>Another way to deal with this particular problem is the way we're
>already dealing with it: When the Academie helps put together a
>University track, we make sure that all the Academie members get a
>chance to volunteer to teach or to assist. When "we" run dance at an

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