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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Mar 8 18:16:34 PST 2001

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 07:03:41PM -0500, Oxford, David wrote:

> The argument that the Academie would become "clique-ish" is an
> non-issue.  In many ways, it already is.  Who gets asked to do
> things most of the time?  The two or three most-well-known members
> of the Academie, quite naturally.  An advancement system would allow
> those who are equally capable but less visible to become a little
> more visible.

Another way to deal with this particular problem is the way we're
already dealing with it: When the Academie helps put together a
University track, we make sure that all the Academie members get a
chance to volunteer to teach or to assist. When "we" run dance at an
event, I expect that one person should organize it -- not necessarily
the one who was originally asked -- and that every Academie member who
wants to help should be given a chance to do so. And I encourage
people who teach classes to seek out their fellow Academie members who
want experience teaching classes, and work with them.

The main way we can make sure that the dance community in Atlantia
stays active is to give new, enthusiastic people a chance to
participate, in dancing, teaching, and organizing. So if you'd like to
organize something, speak up. That goes for novices and experts alike.

-- Gregory Blount

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