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Sharon sharon at
Mon Mar 5 18:12:51 PST 2001

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Oxford, David wrote:

> In closing the matter, though, I would like to offer a counter-argument to the
> notion that any sort of "ranking" would be inherently divisive and unworkable
> without causing everyone to hate everyone else.  Consider the Academie d'Espee,
> Atlantia's Rapier Academy.  When I first started doing rapier way back when,
> there was no structure to the activity other than authorized/not-authorized.
> Academie d'Espee has grown from that, so that there are now Provosts, Free
> Scholars, etc.

	The Academie d'Espee is still in the process of organizing
itself, even after all these years. It is very haphazard with their
internal organizations - there are mailing lists for provosts adn free
scholars, but not scholars. Sometimes the free scholars or provosts get
together to do something for the Academie and the Provosts 
advance people through the ranks but they are still working on
establishing standards for advancing and better internal
communication. (In fact they recently had a meeting where they
discussed this).
	They do not please everybody and I feel it would be idealistic to
say it is not at all divisive. We are supposed to look up to Provosts as
an example. Some do a better job of being examples than others. I don't
know the Provosts in your area very well so I will take it on your word
that the Provosts in your area are good examples.

	Another factor is that the rapier community is much MUCH larger
than the Academie of Dance. (Hundreds versus maybe 35) It requires more
structure than we require just to keep order and make sure nobody that
doesn't wish it is ignored or falls behind. 
	One of the reasons i am opposed to ranking in the Academie of
Dance is because I am a member of the Academie d'Espee and would like an
interest where I can grow without being judged.


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