academie: Busy little bees, we are!

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Mar 2 15:29:15 PST 2001


As best as I can tell, here's a list of *all* of the things we've got our 
busy little fingers in:

Coronation: (April, near Richmond VA) Etain is coordinating the Rose Ball, 
we have Harp & Drum to play for us.  The set list is firming up.

Twentieth Year: (May, in Southern MD)  We have a welcome dance on Friday 
night, dance classes Saturday afternoon, a children's class sometime Sunday 
afternoon, and the Twentieth Year Ball Sunday night.  I'm coordinating most 
of the above, but could use some help.

Juniversity: (June, in GA)  The week after Twentieth Year.  We're pulling 
together a whole track of classes, and I am in discussion with the Autocrat 
to make arrangements for a post-University ball.  Once we find out whether 
they want a ball, we'll start pulling volunteers together to make it so 
(including musicians... James, you gonna be busy?)

Known World Dance Symposium: (June, in Boston)  The week after Juniversity.  
Those who contacted the KWDS staff about getting a dorm room should have 
received a note last week about that.  Rooms in the dorm are about 1/4 what 
a local hotel might cost.  If you did NOT get a note, don't fret.  They'll 
be announced for the general public soon, after those who contacted them get 
their chance.

Also, here's the latest official word about our badge:
>The following were sent to Laurel Queen of Arms on the February Letter of 
>Atlantia, Kingdom of.	Badge.
>Azure, a dance argent, overall a unicornate natural seahorse Or.
>For L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse.

Are we busy enough, or does someone have another project we can tackle?!  
Bring it on, we're ready!!  :)

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