academie: Juniversity Classes

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Mar 2 13:34:20 PST 2001

Here's what I've got volunteer-wise for classes at Juniversity:

Marion: can teach either an ECD or an introductory Italian
Victoria: can teach either an ECD or a Galliard class
Judith: wants to teach an Italian class and reprise the Medieval Peasant 
Dance (MPD) class from Symposium
Vard: wants to teach a lecture class, either "Period Dance", or "Dancing at 
Constanze: wants to teach something, depending on what's already taken

Figuring on the MPD class as our 4th practicum class, we've got:

Lecture: Period Dance
Lecture: *
Practicum: ECD
Practicum: Italian
Practicum: Galliard
Practicum: MPD (Judith)

*-suggested have been "Dancing at Events" and "Setting Up Local Practices".  
Any preference?  Any other lecture we might want to consider?

I think the Academie would benefit greatly if we encouraged folks who've not 
yet taught at a University teach the Practicum classes (with support, of 
course!), Judith's MPD class notwithstanding.

Anybody else want to throw their hat into the ring?  It's only 2 weeks until 
the deadline to submit our classes.

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