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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Mar 1 16:54:56 PST 2001

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 07:40:21PM -0500, Amy Smyth-Wilson wrote:

> Admittedly, I am one that ocassionally needs external motivation...

But there are multiple ways to get it. You decided to apprentice
yourself to a teacher to get motivation. How's that working out? ;-)
Other people are motivated by getting asked to teach a class at
University -- they wouldn't volunteer by themselves, but the fact that
someone is organizing a dance track is enough to get them out there

> And besides my two cents expressed above:
> I was always under the impression that Dancemaster and Dancemistress were
> only allowable for use by Dance Laurels?  Is this true? I have never seen it
> in print but felt that traditionally it is such...

The only thing that's actually reserved to laurels is the title Master
*before* their name. I have frequently seen anyone who teaches called
"dancemaster" or "dancemistress", and I've seen it in print in many a

Another thing that's not actually reserved to Laurels is calling their
students "apprentices". But if you call a student that, you may run
into a Laurel or two, especially in kingdoms to the west of us, who
will be upset. I'd advise ignoring them. Well, be polite first, but
then ignore them.

Amusingly enough, the green laurel wreath heraldry isn't reserved to
Laurels, but everyone thinks it is. Ssssssh.

-- Master Gregory Blount
   who needs a title anyway?

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