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Kathleen Madsen kmadsen at
Thu Mar 1 14:19:38 PST 2001

I'm enjoying the development of this debate, partially because it deals with
things that I (not being a member from the very beginning) have no insight
into; and partially because I'm seeing the academie seriously pursueing an
active role in the society.  It's a living, breathing, working guild.  There
are many, many groups out there that are groups by name only and don't do
anything like this among their membership.  Vivat's all around.

My feeling is I like the way it's structured now.  It is a relatively new
group and we are doing a lot in the area of educating and getting our name
out - why not continue in that same vein for awhile, don't bite off more
than we can chew.  I love the idea of a group badge and am very pleased that
we are getting it processed so that we may identify ourselves to others at
various dance gatherings.  I don't like the ranking system because it *does*
close people out and makes it more of a clique, and it can make it quite
daunting for newcomers or new dancers to want to join in.  I am in the
society for fun, not to be graded on performance.  When I get good enough at
something to have that skill recognized by others and have people directed
towards me with questions in my area of expertise (which is cheesemaking, by
the way - not dancing) then that is enough for me.  Once they get far enough
up the levels proposed by the ranking system they should be noticed by the
peerage anyway.

My 2 cents, share if you wish.

Kingdom of the West
Transplanted Storviki  

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