academie: Fw: [SCA-Dance] Dance Guilds

Sharon sharon at
Thu Mar 1 12:09:59 PST 2001

 On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Oxford, David wrote:

> >> That depends on how you think the Academie decides things.
> >> 
> >> If the Chancelier is the final word, then yes, "we" decided. 
> Well, frankly, I didn't think that's how we decided things.  My understanding is
> that this is a group of, by, and for its members, of whom the Chancelier is one,
> but where the opinions of the rest of the group matter just as much.

	i agree with your principle, but on this topic I also agree with
the Chancelier. I like the group-of-friends-helping-each-other-out
mentality and i'm afraid that would suffer if ranking was implemented. 

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