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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Mar 1 11:02:54 PST 2001

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 01:34:50PM -0500, Oxford, David wrote:

> Well, frankly, I didn't think that's how we decided things.  My
> understanding is that this is a group of, by, and for its members,
> of whom the Chancelier is one, but where the opinions of the rest of
> the group matter just as much.

Can you name any other group in the SCA that works that way? Baronies?
Shires? Kingdoms? Heck, even musical groups such as the Ponte Alto
Harp and Drum Corps generally have a leader who listen carefully to
what the group has to say, and then decide.

The opinions of the members of the Academie matter quite a lot.
However, I think that one of the duties of the Chancelier is to
listen, and then lead. The duty of the Chancelier is to keep everyone
as happy as possible, because that's important to advance our goal of
teaching and dancing dance.

> But I don't want to take an idea I know has the support of at least
> some people (more than just me) and dismiss it summarily because one
> person may not be in favor of it.

Bryan, when this came up the first time, there were multiple people
who liked ranks, and multiple people who didn't like ranks. It was not
dismissed summarily back then. I don't believe this is time to re-open
the issue. That's not dismissing it summarily now.

If you, Bryan Morgunn, dancing master, would like to set up a course
with multiple levels of achievement, you're welcome to do so on your
own. You'd be hard pressed to find any period precedent to model it
on. If you, Bryan Morgunn, want to hand out tokens to people who do
things you consider cool, like learning a wide variety of dances, you
are welcome to do that. Both of these are very different from the
Academie having a ranking system, voluntary or not.

-- Gregory Blount

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