academie: Fw: [SCA-Dance] Dance Guilds

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Mar 1 10:34:50 PST 2001

>> That depends on how you think the Academie decides things.
>> If the Chancelier is the final word, then yes, "we" decided. 

Well, frankly, I didn't think that's how we decided things.  My understanding is
that this is a group of, by, and for its members, of whom the Chancelier is one,
but where the opinions of the rest of the group matter just as much.

>> I thought that arguing about it would be a bad
>> idea. I still think that arguing about it is a bad idea.

I think arguing about it is a bad idea, too.  But I don't want to take an idea I
know has the support of at least some people (more than just me) and dismiss it
summarily because one person may not be in favor of it.  If there is very little
support, we'll drop it, but if lots of people like the idea, I think it is only
proper we investigate it some more.

There are positives and negatives to having a system like the one proposed, but
I think if we were to do something like that it would have to be clear that it
was an optional, voluntary "program" that one could endeavor on if they so
chose, with the support of others in it who want to help them.  It would be a
program within the Academie, not an automatic thing into which all new people
are thrust.  You could be a member of the Academie for as long as you wished,
without ever partaking.  Given his feelings, I would foresee Greg as someone who
would be a prominent person in the Academie who was not part of the program,
which would be just fine, and he would be a good example to people who might
think it was "expected" that they do it.  People who just wanted to lurk on the
fringes or who were simply interested in dance history but not its performance
could do just what they do now, with no change whatsoever.  It would just be
something extra for those who feel they would benefit from it.

And to address James' concern... yes, this is a progression system for dancers.
But I see no reason a similar program couldn't be set up for musicians if they
wanted one.  However, as I am NOT a musician, I think it would fall to other
musicians to put together a system they were comfortable with, perhaps modeled
on the dance one, perhaps not.  

Regardless, if you have an opinion one way or the other, please make yourself
heard.  Even if you're just neutral, that's an opinion.  The activities of the
Academie shouldn't be the dictates of any one person or small group, but the
will of its members.


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