academie: Fw: [SCA-Dance] Dance Guilds

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Mar 1 09:31:03 PST 2001

>> > I would like to recommend that we seriously consider 
>> > implementing something like this
>> No. We decided not to do this when we formed the Academie, 
>> and I don't think we should re-open the issue now.

As I read back over the old messages, it seems to confirm my belief that we
simply dropped the issue (with no final decision) as a matter of expediency
early-on as we tried to get the Academie formed.  And at the time we were
discussing it on the mailing list, there were all of 8 people subscribed.

Especially since we now have (I think) a decent model as a strong starting
point, I at least think a quick polling of the (now greatly expanded) membership
is in order to see if there is some interest now.  If there isn't, we can
certainly drop it, but I think it's worth exploring.


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