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I saw this on the SCA dance list and thought it was a great idea to
encourage academie members to advance their skills!

Rowen ferch Rhys

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> Greetings...
> > > Great!  Giving people token rewards are a good way of building a dance
> > > community, I think.
> >
> > There are several ways to set up a guild. The Atlantian dance guild,
> > which mascarades as "L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse", doesn't give
> > out any token rewards, but serves as a teaching organization, and a
> > clearinghouse for matching up teachers to events and bands, and
> > getting new teachers chances to teach. It seems to have been effective
> > at building the dance community.
> When we were writing the charter for the kingdom dance guild, we found all
> the charters for other kingdoms' guilds and used those as springboards
> (thanks for those of you who posted yours - they were really helpful!). We
> also looked at some of the other guilds in the kingdom and how they had
> themselves up.
> Ours is set up in 5 levels with very specific criteria for attaining each
> level. The only mark of recognition is the regalia marking the levels. It
> emphasizes learning to dance on the lower levels, teaching on the middle
> levels and reconstruction of dances on the upper one. At the moment, there
> is only one person in the kingdom who could qualify for the top level.
> meant to be encouraging to the beginner and challenging for the dance
> scholar. I'm kinda happy with the way it turned out in the end. :)
> Julian
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