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Wed Feb 28 10:15:50 PST 2001

 Here are some of my initial thoughts.  This does NOT make it official, it's 
 just a starting point for discussion.  What we actually end up teaching will 
 depend on how many people volunteer and what those people want to teach.

 Lectures (probably 2):

 Period Dancing and Dance Sources - A discussion of what is period, including 
 an introduction to the sources we commonly use in the SCA.  (This is one we 
 decided we wanted)>>

I really like this one.  I would be happy to teach it, or co-teach it if someone else is interested also...

<< (A second lecture class could easily be one of the following:)

<<Dancing at Events - What to do and what to avoid if you want dancing to be 
 successful at your event.  (A reprise of the class Etain and I taught at 
 Juniversity in Charlottesville last year)

 Setting up a Local Dance Practice - A how-to from Bryan, and one I missed at 
 the Symposium.>>

Either or sounds good to me. 

<<I'm figuring we're a lock to teach the following 3: French Country Dances, 
 15th Century Italians, and English Country Dances(*).  Our 4th class could 
 be almost anything we've taught recently, depending on who wants to 

First question:  What is French Country dance?

I volunteer to teach a class on Italians, and as a fourth class, I would like to teach my class on improvised saltaerlli and piva (aka medieval/renaissance peasant dances).  It went over exceedingly well at the Symposium, they are simple, and they especially appeal to the younger crowd.


<<(*) - Yes, I know about the debate regarding the periodness of ECDs.  IMO, 
 however, I think it's better to be inclusive right now so that we can 
 establish ourselves first.  If we drew this line right now, I think we'd end 
 up alienating several people, and would drive them to OOK folks for help.>>

Quite frankly, if we exclude ECDs, we are eliminating a sizable chunk of the repetoire that can be done easily by the majority of the people...Unlike the renaissance in Europe, we of the modern "nobility" do not have the time or the money to devote to hours of daily private dance instruction....

 <<Also, I would like VERY MUCH to discuss the possibility of sponsoring a 
 post-University dance.  I think this would serve everybody's interests, and 
 would not only be fun, but would also help us establish ourselves better 
 down there.>>

Wholey agreed.  I would be happy to help organize the social details of this (i.e.things not having to do with finding a site, paperwork, etc.)


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