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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Feb 27 15:09:15 PST 2001


We are rapidly approaching the deadline for submission of courses for 
Juniversity (6/2/01, Shire of Bordervale Keep, Georgia).  At the business 
meeting preceeding the Dance Symposium in Isenfir we agreed that the 
Academie should offer a full 6-hour track of classes, with one or two 
lecture classes included in that count.

As discussed, one of the important things we want to do with this University 
is to begin establishing the Academie a primary source for supporting dance 
throughout the *entire* Kingdom.  In the past, parts of Atlantia have been 
exposed to OOK (out of Kingdom) influences who, while well-intended, have 
done harm as well as good.  We want to put in a good, stong showing, be 
supportive, be INCLUSIVE, and above all else, let everyone know that we're 
here and ready to help.

Here are some of my initial thoughts.  This does NOT make it official, it's 
just a starting point for discussion.  What we actually end up teaching will 
depend on how many people volunteer and what those people want to teach.

Lectures (probably 2):

Period Dancing and Dance Sources - A discussion of what is period, including 
an introduction to the sources we commonly use in the SCA.  (This is one we 
decided we wanted)

(A second lecture class could easily be one of the following:)

Dancing at Events - What to do and what to avoid if you want dancing to be 
successful at your event.  (A reprise of the class Etain and I taught at 
Juniversity in Charlottesville last year)

Setting up a Local Dance Practice - A how-to from Bryan, and one I missed at 
the Symposium.

Practicums (probably 4):

I'm figuring we're a lock to teach the following 3: French Country Dances, 
15th Century Italians, and English Country Dances(*).  Our 4th class could 
be almost anything we've taught recently, depending on who wants to 

(*) - Yes, I know about the debate regarding the periodness of ECDs.  IMO, 
however, I think it's better to be inclusive right now so that we can 
establish ourselves first.  If we drew this line right now, I think we'd end 
up alienating several people, and would drive them to OOK folks for help.  
This would be a bad thing. :)

Also, I would like VERY MUCH to discuss the possibility of sponsoring a 
post-University dance.  I think this would serve everybody's interests, and 
would not only be fun, but would also help us establish ourselves better 
down there.

Thoughts?  Volunteers?

Vard, your happy-go-lucky Secretary
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