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THough I couldn't stay for the ball at NBD I did knowtice thatthe list for 
the ECD's and easier dnaces was much linger than the list fo rthe more 
complicated or intresting dance, equaling out the list may help the 
situation you are discribing vard,  but with that remeber therewas a time in 
which every single one of us enjoyed  coompletely and whole heartly easy 
dances, I still think brasles are the best thing known to man. the only way 
to get people intersted is to allowthen to have good clean period fun. So 
that may mean doing dnaces that no longer interest you as well as dances 
that you have to pull people through. withthe new lets not call or teahc 
dances at a ball atmosphhere  it may intimidate people from trying harder 
dances in a ball setting. the kids I brought with me  liked the italian 
dances but they didn't feel comfortable with them by the end of the day and 
eventhough enjoyed them I asume they would have pick dance they felt 
comfortable with the ECD's

just my two cents, and with that vard I jsut realized that this whole loas 
of stuff is only going to you not to the acadimie as a whole , which was my 
first intention. if you feel that this should be shared with the academie 
then forward  it if not just hit delete


>That said, I noticed a pretty big flaw.  Saturday, the first dozen or so
>dances were pretty much exactly the same.  People handed the baton off only
>to other people that they knew, and as a result, the dances never changed.
>Several of our more experienced dancers were getting bored, dancing the 
>"SCA 101" dances over and over again, and were on the verge of going
>elsewhere to dance things that *they* were interested in.  Fortunately, we
>were able to derail that.  Nevertheless, I see how the selected dances 
>very easily get stuck in a particular country/period/style.

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