academie: 20th Year Reservation Info

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Feb 22 08:30:00 PST 2001

The pricing/deadline info for 20th Year is now available from the 20th Year 
website:    There's a downloadable PDF 
registration form on the site which you'll need.  I can also email a copy 
directly to people if needed.  Here's a summary of the important info:

Adult Prices:
Daytrip = $5 Feast = $20
Camping = $15 Feast = $30

Children 12 & Under:
Daytrip = $2 Feast = $10
Camping = $7 Feast = $15

Children 6 & Under: Free

Maximum Family Cost = $105

Camping AND Cabin-ing are the same price.  Camping price also includes 
Supper on Sunday and Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday.

Registration form & Payment must be postmarked by May 18 2001.  Checks 
payable to "Barony of Ponte Alto/SCA Inc.", mailed to Atlantian 20YC, 
Cynthia Halstead, 20016 Forest Farm Lane, Ashburn, VA  20147

Feast limited to 600, total site attendance limited to 1000.  Even 
daytrippers are encouraged to preregister or risk being turned away at the 


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