academie: Thanks to all for NBD

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Feb 19 16:32:59 PST 2001

Scriptsit Bryan:
>More thanks to Vard for the baldrics the instructors wore, and to Trishka 
>for doing the embroidery on them, and to Vard for providing the door 
>prizes.  (You know, Vard shows up in here a lot ... maybe he's sucking up 
>or something :)

I am not one to take credit for things done by others, not me.  Not only did 
Trishka (known in the Society as Victoria) do all of the embroidery on the 
baldrics (including some none-too-trivial work on the badge design itself 
necessary to convert it to a compatible format for use by her machine, and 
the breakage of one of her hard-to-replace needles), but she also donated 
the nice wooden bowl *AND* made the arrangements to have the Academie badge 
burnt into it.

Hoo-bah Victoria!

-V  :)

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