academie: Thanks to all for NBD

Oxford, David dmo at
Mon Feb 19 13:47:23 PST 2001

Greetings all,

>From the feedback I've gotten, it seems the overall take on this past Saturday's
Dance Symposium is that it was a success.  There were certainly some issues, and
it was unfortunate that we lost 5 hours of interesting classes due to illnesses,
but overall I think things went well.  Most everything went off on time,
including the ball, starting a mere couple of minutes after 8:00pm.  We danced
until after 1:00am, with a grand total of about 30 minutes of break in there, so
if you didn't get enough dancing you can't blame me. :)

Thank you to all the people who did so much to make it work.  Special thanks to
Vard and Judith for providing so many hours of classes by themselves, and to
Tatiana for not only coordinating classes and getting teachers but also for
filling in a class herself at the last minute.

And my heartiest gratitude to all the Isenfiri who came out and helped make
everything run so smoothly:

To my lovely, wonderful, supportive wife for, well, everything, but especially
for making the medallion part of the token, for making numerous
deserts/snackies, for collating and stapling the handouts, bringing me dinner,
for giving me the time to get all the things I needed done, and never once
complaining about any of it.  Y'all should be so lucky. ;)

General thanks to all (Trishka, Debbie, Teri, Christine, et al.) who shoved a
huge quantity of fluid in me throughout the course of the evening!  I think I
consumed over three quarts of sekanjabin, mostly at the hands of beautiful women
(it's a rough life I lead, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do :)

To Anne for heading up Troll (None shall pass! Unless they've paid :)  There all
day long (on site even a few minutes before *I* arrived!), at that little table
up front, and very nicely dressed, too!

To Teri for coordinating the "refreshment lounge" and for putting together the
necklace part of the ball token, and also for long hours at Troll.

To all those who provided refreshments for the evening's break room.  They were
enjoyed by all!

To Beau and Chris for the miserable, pain-filling, horrible, drenching trauma of
putting up the direction signs (everyone should know ... Beau was bounced off
the hood of THREE separate cars in the process of putting up the signs by the
road, but despite being flung 10 or more feet in the air each time, he got back
up and finished putting up signs ... and never complained once)

To everyone who helped clean up as the ball wound down... I don't even know who
all was involved in that, but I know it got done, and if you were down there
working on it, many dozens of thanks to you!

A special thank you to Toby, who didn't participate in the classes or the ball,
yet was there from morning until I locked the doors after 2:00am, supporting the
Shire, doing whatever needed doing.  His was truly a model of service.

More thanks to Vard for the baldrics the instructors wore, and to Trishka for
doing the embroidery on them, and to Vard for providing the door prizes.  (You
know, Vard shows up in here a lot ... maybe he's sucking up or something :)

And thanks to everyone else who lent a hand in anyway, small or large.  And to
everyone who came out and partook of all we had to offer.

Here's looking forward to the next Atlantian Dance Symposium!


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