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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Feb 19 08:45:17 PST 2001

Though I do not speak for the entire Academie, I would like to extend a pair 
of heartfelt atta-boys to two individuals whose work was key to this 
weekend's Symposium being such a resounding success:

To Lord Bryan Morgan: For his hard work as Autocrat, and
To Pomestintsa Tatiana Miroslavna: For her equally hard work 
pulling-together our classes

They both put in some long hours, and dealt with the inevitable last-minute 
problems with grace and professionalism.  Way to go!

I want to thank our musicians for coming and playing for us at that 
evening's Ball.  They played for us for over 3 hours, and were 
*instrumental* for the Ball being as successful as it was.  Thank you!

I would also like to extend my personal thanks to Lady Victoria Pringle.  
She worked until 2 am Friday night embroidering our baldrics, and picked-up 
again Saturday morning to finish them just in time for the event.

There are several other Gentles worthy of recognition, but if I were to 
start naming them, I fear that I might inadvertantly overlook someone and 
cause offense by their exclusion.

The event was a success, and our attendance suited our site nearly 
perfectly.  I am quite confident that we *will* do this again!

// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse
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