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Sharon sharon at
Mon Feb 19 06:14:10 PST 2001

	I wanted to thank all of the teachers who lent their time and
expertise to making this a memorable, fun, and educational event. 

	Vivats for Stefan of Cambion, Evelyn Merrimet, Bryan Morgan,
Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyy , Edvard Gayer, Rowan ferch Rhys, Judith
de Northumbria. I sincerely hope you will all consider teaching at future
dance symposiums.
	I would also like to announce that this was the last contribution
that Tatiana will make to the academie. She will go on extended leave and
be replaced with someone who looks remarkably similar and would love to
remain active. 

	Constanza de Tallavera (formerly Tatiana Miroslavovna)

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